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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It's about miles of uncrowed beaches. Visit Long Island Bahamas!What is Stella Maris?
The Stella Maris Estate is a development project made up of a carefully planned subdivision including a mid-sized, complete 'Sun and Sea' resort hotel, tennis club, marina, general store and service complex.

Where is Stella Maris?
Stella Maris is located on Long Island, Bahamas on the west edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Situated southeast of Miami, Florida, it is roughly half way between Florida and Cuba.

How big is Long Island?
Long Island is approximately 85 miles long and three miles wide.There are about 35 quaint villages and prosperous farming and fishing towns on the island. Long Island is home to about 4,000 permanent residents.

Is Long Island isolated?
Stella Maris "Star Of The Sea"Closeby and all around Long Island there is the attractive company of the 120 Exuma Islands to the West; tranquil Cat Island to the North; Rum Cay and Conception to the East; and some half dozen most southern islands to the Southeast, many of which decorate the surrounding horizons.

What does the local population think of visitors?
Long Islanders are well known for their genuine friendliness. Foreign influx is welcome. There is a solid stock of talented artisanry. The Island infrastructure is complete, albeit in a basic island way.

What government does Stella Maris fall under?
Stella Maris is situated on Long Island which is one of the Islands of the Bahamas. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and the system of government is based on the British system. The Bahamas are generally considered to be politically stable.

How are properties serviced?
Long Island is 100% electrified (110 volts, 60 Hz). A Telephone network is installed on Long Island and the network is constantly expanding. Bottled water is available throughout Stella Maris. Larger quantitites of purified water can be purchased. The municipal system has chlorinated water. Many properties have septic systems installed for waste water and mainy residences collect rain water in storage tanks for general utility use.

What about Transportation Services?
Freight systems by air and sea are well established. Stella Maris has an international airport with airline and charter services-passenger service daily to/from Stella Maris. There is road access to all points on the island, albeit mostly "island style" country roads.

What level of criminal activity can be expected?
Topics of pollution, crime, traffic problems ... any concerns regarding social stability and balance are, quite simply, unknown here.

What is the working language in Stella Maris?
English is the official language in Stella Maris.

Sun, sand, the sea, fine food and funWhat is the quickest way to get to Stella Maris?
Flying into Miami or Nassau with connections directly to Stella Maris.

What about investing on Long Island?
It has never been easier for non-Bahamians to own property in The Bahamas and for property owners to become Bahama residents. The 1993 International Persons Landholding Act allows foreigners seeking second homes to buy a house or vacant land of five acres or less without a permit. Contact us for more details.

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